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23 Stabu Str., Riga, LV–1011, Latvia
Working hours: Working days from 11:00 until 23:00, Weekends from 12:00 until 23:00
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"Sveiks, Šveik!" restaurant
Welcome to "Sveiks, Švejk!"
Dear Latvian citizens as well as guests of our country! We are glad to invite you to "Sveiks, Šveik!" restaurant — a perfect place to taste traditional Czech cuisine in Riga.
Bear in mind, that the next nearest restaurant like this is located in Prague.
"We will do our best to make your visit pleasant!" – "Sveiks, Šveik!" staff
The spirit of the book and the figure of Švejk convey a message which is topical to this day: a calm manner and a smile help man find tranquillity virtually everywhere in the turbulent world. Equally well known is the fact that Švejk is associated with "good things to eat, good things to drink that are the basis of everything".
Some History
In our world with overabundant supply of information, it is the time-tested and eternally live values that are known best. In the Czech environment, they undoubtedly include Prague, the music of Antonim Dvorak or perhaps Leos Janacek, as well as literature — Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hasek, specifically his Good Soldier Švejk...
Restaurant interior
Furniture, walls, ceiling — everything is combined to create the unique atmosphere. Inimitable, original, generated by an overall stylization of the figure and the period when it was axiomatic, that the essential conditions of a good life are, above all, equanimity, calmness and a smiling approach.
The whole restaurant "show" takes place in the scenery of the "good old Austria-Hungary". An atmosphere of tranquillity, good humour and delicious Czech cuisine — including dishes made according to recipes from Grandma’s cook book — are the highlights of the "performance".
Of course, a number of drinks also belong to Czech food — primarily beer "Staropramen", then first-rate vine. All the Czech’s citizens are also proud of herbal drink "Becherovka" from Karlovy Vary.
We are sure that everyone will find something particularly delicious for himself!

Czech Gastronomy
Czech gastronomy is a precious mixture of tradition and culture which arose in this country’s territory. In past Czech gastronomy was influenced by its Celtic and Slavic origins. Thanks to Czech’s position on "the crossroads of Europe" and thanks to tradition loyalty combined with art, technical invention and craft Czech gastronomy grow up into really sound thing.
If somebody asks what does Czech gastronomy mean it is possible to say that it’s Middle Europe gastronomy specified by Czech elements — e.g. bread or fruit dumplings, some kinds of soups, sauces, many potato dishes, cakes and very wide extend of festive dishes.
In general Czech gastronomy equals roasted pork with dumpling and sauerkraut, potato pancakes, fruits "knedli", apple strudels... There exist lots of dainties which we somehow forget about and its revival could be small gastronomical celebration.